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Originally Posted by jakeytehpirate View Post
So for the listed slot price, I would get to pick two hits (rank based on randomizing by mods, could have #1 & #108 or #54 & #55 or any snake combo in between), right? And the hits are autos, usa redemptions, 1/1s, or team lots? Am I correct?
That is correct.

And to just to make this clear. A HIT is ANY Auto, 1/1 or Redemption.

I'm not sure the best way to package up the inserts. Currently, I just have them in the team lots, but I'm open to changing that if people would rather have them as separate lots. I just figured we're not going to hit enough to make a set, so it's almost better just to keep them in team lots. I'm not 100% sure since I have not been following the sale for the inserts or the frequency they fall in a case.

Would you guys want to add a 3rd case? It would up the slot pricing another $15.50. But it will also add 24 more autos/30 team lots, and you would get a 3rd hit. This also dramatically improves later draft picks. Just throwing the idea out there. This also improves our chance of landing nice hits.
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