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Default 1998/1999 WCW/NWO autograph card values?

Hi folks - long time lurker making my first post.

What's the story with values on the 1998/1999 WCW/NWO autographs? I see them for sale from time to time on feeBay, but usually it's a case of the big names having huge BINs or of people selling commons that no one seems to want. I ask because I have several dozen and was hoping to get a ballpark guess as to their value.

Are these listed in any type of price guide? If not, is there a consensus on a range of values - like certain ones are over $100, $50-100, etc.?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

In case it matters, the "biggies" I have are Benoit, E. Guerrero, Hennig, Hart, and Sting, plus other "RIP" guys (Bigelow, Bryan Adams).
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