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Originally Posted by Swivelhip View Post
Hi all,
New to COMC and still learning but the basic question that keeps coming up is how can you make any money with a 20% cash out fee? There are also initial fees per card (while these are relatively low they have to be taken into account). I just don't get how anyone makes money with 20% coming right off the top. Ebay may be bad but the fees are not that high. Confused.
Considering you only take a hit when "cashing out"...if you apply your earned credit towards sending in more cards, shipping fees, buying more cards, etc. the fee would only apply to the final "net". If you are looking to send->dump->cashout...yes, it would work to be a higher fee, but you are paying for convenience and the sole fact that you don't have to dick around with every $1-2 card transaction. Some cards sell better on eBay, but many other cards which you wouldn't even think to sell in an eBay listing sell GREAT on COMC.

Most sellers I know send->use credit to send more->use credit to send more->use credit to buy singles to send home for shows/PC, flip, or get BO gift cards (much less than 20%)...perhaps pull some cash out from time to time as well. At least this is what I do.
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