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Originally Posted by Anderdale View Post
so I am curious, will the club continue into 2012? or does this end in December? I would love to see it continue!
Originally Posted by upsbroker06 View Post
I'm in it for the long haul,as long as there is interest and we can keep at least 20 teams committed.
Glad you guys brought this up.

I won't be able to continue with the break after December. I've been hanging on as it is and in next year I will have a lot of changes in my life that will limit how much time I can dedicate to this. I know that there are better members cut out for the job, and if I were to continue I know I would do a bad job due to lack of commitment.

I hope that someone here can carry on with the breaks. ( Not to put them on the spot but Tyler and Houdini are great with their breaks, very well organized and well informed. )
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