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I think we should lock in BDPP for November, the price will jump eventually. I suggested this about a month ago. Last yr's is about $10 more per box right now but has been higher in the past. My own personal feelings (Brett Lawrie+others... The Blue Jays have really sucked the past 4 breaks) would lean towards Bowman Chrome for OCT. But seeing as that isn't really an option among most members, I vote to skip Oct. I Also think we should lock in Sterling for December if that is an option we are interested in, because the presell price of 11 sterling is about 80 less than 10.

So in summary

OCT- Skip
Nov - BDPP (Topps has to release something on time... right?)
Dec - Sterling 8 box case and other stuff if we skip and keep it to 1 case of BDPP.
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