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Originally Posted by SPauthentic84 View Post
Ive been trying to find a 90s auto for a while...its a challenge lol
Heck yeah it is! And when you DO actually find one they cost an arm & a leg lol

My top 5 all time Jordan autos are as follows... Doubt I'll ever own any of them though...

1. 1999 Century Legends EPIC SIGNATURES MJ /23
2. 1997-98 Sign Of The Times /23 MJ Auto
3. 1997-98 UD All-Star Game Jersey Auto (talk about never happening lol)
4. 1998-99 UD Game Jersey Auto /23 Red Jersey
5. 1999 UD MJ "A Living Legend" auto insert called "Sign of Greatness"... /50 I believe, this one is probably the most realistic to own one day..

What are your top 5?
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