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Atleast we can agree on taste of MJs lol

Not sure the order, but...

97 Game Jersey Auto
97 Game Jersey
99 Legendary Epic Sig
2000 Legendary Sig
98 Game Jersey Auto

Originally Posted by BenMoss84 View Post
Heck yeah it is! And when you DO actually find one they cost an arm & a leg lol

My top 5 all time Jordan autos are as follows... Doubt I'll ever own any of them though...

1. 1999 Century Legends EPIC SIGNATURES MJ /23
2. 1997-98 Sign Of The Times /23 MJ Auto
3. 1997-98 UD All-Star Game Jersey Auto (talk about never happening lol)
4. 1998-99 UD Game Jersey Auto /23 Red Jersey
5. 1999 UD MJ "A Living Legend" auto insert called "Sign of Greatness"... /50 I believe, this one is probably the most realistic to own one day..

What are your top 5?
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