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Default Buyers: BEWARE of Tri-City Sports PL (TCSP)

I'm posting this so that everyone learns from my mistake:

I was at the LCS and decided I wanted to open some product. I sifted through the high end stuff and found two boxes of Tri-City Sports PL (TCSP) "Auto's and Rookie's Graded Football" (that's how it read on the box, first hint...MISSED.) I asked the shop owner what they were and he said that there's one slabbed or graded football card per box... as well as other non graded stuff... Same idea as a product like Leaf Best of Baseball...

Shop owner said he only saw one opened and a Ronnie Brown RC PSA 9 (hint two... MISSED) was pulled... My thoughts were: I can't do any worse than that, right? So I picked up both boxes.

Opened the first box... the unslabbed cards were CRAP... multiple no name base, all stuffed into two re-used penny sleeves. The condition of the cards: terrible. Bad corners, bad edges, scratched surfaces. It seemed like there was sand in between the cards. I'd give you some scans... but you get the idea.

Hit: Suh base RC PSA 9.... I'm thinking okay then next box has to be better...

Opened the second box... same idea with the fillers... all trash.

Hit: Chad Henne base RC PSA 9...

Not only was my hit a Chad Henne base RC... but the case was destroyed... filled with scratches... in particular... over Henne's face where it looks like someone went back and forth with a knife! There was also adhesive left on the case from where a sticker once was.

Also, I'm not one to stomp my feet and cry when I don't get great return in breaking product. I'm all over the hobby... but my niche is high end. For example: I broke a Best of Baseball and got a Griffy Jr. stone auto and a Puckett RC PSA 10. Is it worth the $200+ that I spent on the box? No. WIll I hang on to the Griffey and Puckett for my PC? yup. Do I have fun breaking Leaf BOB and other similar products? yup.

Needless to say... the shop owner, manager, and other customers were in shock. The owner offered to handle the issue through the distributor... I thought that I'd give it a try myself first. I decided to contact the company directly.

I E-mailed TCSP's customer support with my two issues 1.Chad Henne 2.Quality control... they explained that the product is a high end/high risk/high reward product.... yada yada yada, I get it, I get it. I again explained myself and was eventually forwarded to a "floor supervisor." I provided them with photos of the Henne with the PSA number.

I was told that all of their cards are scanned before being placed into the sealed boxes (yes both of mine were sealed with their holograph stickers.) After review I was approved for a "care package."

The contents of the care package:

Two...two... TCSP Bryce Harper Cards... Thanks...

I e-mailed the floor supervisor and explained to him that I was not happy with their version of Bryce Harper. This is what the floor supervisor sent to me:


You got a care package with Bryce Harper Preview RC /100 (count of 2). If you are not aware those cards have been selling at shops at $10 per card. So basically you got $20 of secondary market value. Recalling your case and our stock scan before pack out and your scan there is a indiscretion because the card didnt have those marks before they where shipped out to be packed out according to the stock scan but i gave you the benfit of the doubt and i approved the care package. I hope that clears things up for you.

Okay... this guy is saying that either the shop or I put the scratches all over the CHAD HENNE card... This also tells me that the Harper cards meant "F-U go away." I may be wrong in my assumption...

I responded by stating that I'm not happy and that TCSP should call the shop and talk with the owner, because he saw me open the box and he saw the HENNE and it's condition coming out of their box... crickets... so that's how this ended up on here.

I kept the LCS owner updated. When he saw their last response to me... the one that I copied and pasted... he contacted the distributor who stated that 1. I wasn't the only one to complain about TCSP and 2. They'll (the distributor) make it up to me. The LCS owner confirmed that they will take good care of me,

Needless to say the LCS won't have any more TCSP product.

IMPORTANT: The distributor told the LCS owner that TCSP is trying to put out another product (which they WILL NOT be distributing.)

I took the time to post my experiences with everyone for a reason. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE. This company is trying to put more product on the market... proceed with caution, please.
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