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Originally Posted by KaraandMelliesDaddy View Post
I used to take the summer off because hockey sales tank in the summer. So I had to get smart and do baseball and football... augh!!! Never again.

It is a good buying opportunity for resale. I picked up a Hossa Preferred for $18 and another for $22 this month. When I have enough I'll send them up to PSA and resell on eBay.
I have thought about doing other stuff when the boys dont have them laced up- fortunately I have never taken that step- dont see how guys do it year round personally- unless its your full time gig. And being full time in this environment is hard to believe.........I also am a big buyer this time of year- certainly there are some spectaular deals out there- certainly cards of the type you described can bring an easy 20-25% plus premium just few months from now- Hossa had an off year in my opinion............
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