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Originally Posted by jeremyhli View Post
so if he's an honest and trustworhty guy.can I just pay for his spot in hopes that he'll pay me back either good or bad teams?and if not.ill get 4 teams at the worst?and if he does get good teams via his'll stil be his either wa.hejust needs to pay me for it?cuz I'm anxious as ever to get this broke tonight too.hha
If you want to do that that is fine with me. I don't see anything wrong with that. I think he will pay either way, he is a good dude. I would just go ahead and wait for his payment but I want to get all my money back so I can order another case tomorrow for the next break I'm doing.

Buuuttt... I'm not sure a mod will be able to get to the random tonight as late as it is.

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