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Default Blowout TV's LIVE Box Breaks are Back!

Tonight at 6 pm EST Thursday September 29th, we will be offering LIVE Box Breaks
for our customers which will be Streamed LIVE over the net via our Blowout TV Channel!
The very best breaks from tonight's broadcast will be posted on the Blowout Cards Facebook Fan Page
and will also be Tweeted from the BlowoutCards Twitter Page! Instant Exposure!

No More Waiting!
View each and every PULL from your Box Breaks
BEFORE we ship from the
Blowout Cards warehouse!

The Live Stream will broadcast using a webcam capable of up to 1080p HD resolution and
will be streamed LIVE for the world to see!

The fun begins at 6pm EST on Thursday, September 29th LIVE from the headquarters
in Sterling, VA so don't be late!


During checkout, type in the comments:


Visit Post #2 in this thread
to see your spot in the Blowout TV Break Queue!

That's it!

Watch the Live Stream!
Visit the following link to view the LIVE Stream
of the breaks at 6pm EST on Thursday, September 29th.

Running Late? All breaks will be uploaded to
our YouTube Channel for future viewing!

The Details:
-We will only be breaking Boxes for tonight's Blowout TV event
(no Cases at this time).

-There will be only 10 Slots available.

-10 different people will all have the opportunity to have
their breaks SHOWCASED to thousands of viewers!

-Case Breakers: We'll be doing a case break
event soon so stay tuned!

-This break will close on Thursday September 29th, at 5pm EST
or when the first 10 Orders are processed through our website (whichever comes first).

-All cards will ship to each respective owner within 1 business day of the end of the LIVE Break.

And finally, even if you are not purchasing in today's Blowout TV break,
we welcome all collectors to come and watch the live breaks on our Forums.
For those who do purchase the Breaks,
it's a great way to showcase your pulls to other members/collectors
(You may even get offers right there on the spot !).

The atmosphere will be light, happy, and relaxing! We feel that this will be a fun, interactive and

innovative feature that can be enjoyed by everyone!

Let's Have Some Fun!

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