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Originally Posted by doubledribble View Post
So without digging through all of the posts...can anyone post their experiences with what type of cards sell the best on COMC? Thinking of sending a box in.

high, middle, or low end? Autos, GU, RCs, inserts, refractors etc?
Now that you can sell your entire port at the click of the mouse, absolutely everything will sell on COMC. It's really just a matter of how much you get and how fast the item sells.

* Cards marked 80% to 90% off guide sell faster than cards marked 50% to 100% of guide.

* Cards sell much faster when you accept offers and when you advertise that you accept offers, especially if you accept 50% offers.

* Cards sell better when the player accomplished something in the pros - was an All-Star, was on a championship team, won major awards like MVP, was inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

* Cards from sets that people are trying to complete sell better than random cards. With vintage Topps, more popular sets like 1957 or 1971 will sell faster, and hi # cards will sell faster. With 1990's sets, that means cards from premium sets like Finest and Chrome will sell better than regular cards, and that scarce parallels like First Day Issue or Finest Refractors will sell well. With 2000's sets, the super premium cards such as Exquisite tend to sell well.

* Cards which are serially numbered or game used or autographed sell better than base cards.

* Rookie cards tend to sell better than later year cards.

* Baseball tends to sell better than Basketball and Football, which tend to sell better than Nascar and Hockey. Non-sports and Magic cards are hit-and-miss.

* Players who are currently playing in MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL sell better than players who are in the minor leagues or playing overseas, which sell better than retired or inactive players (unless the retired / inactive players were stars or champions).

My recommendation would be to start with cards which have a book value of $3 to $20 or so (depending on your comfort level), where the lowest COMC price is at least $1, and where you would be happy even if you wound up taking 50% of the lowest COMC price. Send a batch in and then post a new thread to the "Spam Your eBay and COMC listings here!" board. Maybe even cough up $3 and advertise on COMC's ad section.

Good luck! It can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.
COMC auto accept is currently set at 35% off.
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