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Default Team Break For Sure

Originally Posted by ahwahoo2006 View Post
Ok, I think a $75 price point for a monthly club would work pretty well. With 15 people that would be $1125 a month to work with. Additional slots could be sold to other forum members as interested.

Would people be more interested in team or hit breaks?

Team Break for sure. So 15 monthly members we all agree on the product to bust. The other 15 slots would be open to any other Blowout Member is that right. Would the teams be random by all 30 slots or do the monthly guys get first pick? Say the core 15 members put there $75.00 for the month the other 15 slots that would be open to anyone else would be cheaper or do we charge $75.00 to them also. We would them have to spend all the money and have no roll over. Or we can try $75.00 a per member with 15 members and we break low med and high end stuff, and each member get 2 teams. We would have money left over after the first break to add to the second break and so on and so forth. I would be in either way.
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