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Originally Posted by SethMurphy View Post
if it's going to be a club it needs to be a team break unless decided on differently for a specific product

and also the idea of a club is people choose their PC team or whatever team they want, and will pay each month for that team

i.e. I am in a club on another site and have the Rangers each month we break
Agreed. In typical club type breaks, the team holder usually has a specific team they hold onto. It usually works out better, meaning you pick your team=less complaints about not hitting anything. Also, it'd vary with product and year, obviously some teams have better hits depending on the year and product. I thought of doing a continuous break like this, but even if 15 or so members commit to a team price of $75, I'm not sure how many open slots would be bought. $75 for a team is kind of a lot for a non-committed person, especially if the teams left aren't the best. Just wanted to share my thoughts on this.
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