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Originally Posted by jeremyhli View Post
Hey guys.The case should be here today roughly between 11:30-2 pm today looking at previous times that they've shown up.I work at 4 pm today til 10 pm tonight.So I can either break it before work, like roughly around 3 pm?Or wait til I'm off of work roughly around 10pm?Let me know what works out best for your guys schedule.Just so I know when most people would be available to watch it if they wanted to.If I don't hear much back from anyone then I'll just stick to the original schedule at 10:15 pm roughly.Thanks guys!Hope it's a good one!
Probably won't be able to watch live either way, so my vote is either or....will you be putting up scans/recap?

Also--can we clarify the multiple team policy--is it randomed between the teams, or is the team that has the most players on the card automatically awarded the card?

For instance, there is a card out there, I think, that has two Dodgers and a Red on it. Does the Dodgers guy automatically get it, or does he get two chances in the random and the Reds guy gets one?
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