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alright just as an clear things all of now, I guess I can break the case early and post scans of the case quickly before work.and as for the multiple teams hits, since it seems to be causing a little miscommunication here, I guess I missed in the OP that it will be randomed by the OP.So I'll stick to that, however, such as how grahamgdog mentioned in his post, it will be randomed by how many players from the team are on the single card, giving him that many chances of getting in the random.For instance: A card with 2 Mets and 1 Yankees, the Mets get 2 spots and the Yankees gets 1 spot in the random.Hope this is all clear before the break.And this will be the final decision for the multiple teams hits.As for hits that are non Team hits, such as tha Pacquiao auto, that those hits will be randomed between all of the 30 teams.So everyone has a chance at it.
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