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Originally Posted by dareshan View Post
Just a quick question. Did you maybe think about changing the base to 3 spots instead of 15. That way the 3 base slots would get the base from 1-5, 6-10, & 11-15. It would only raise the price of the slots 4-5 dollars each. Otherwise for the people paying almost $40 for a 1 box base slot they are pretty much screwed. I would rather pay the few extra dollars and have the chance to at least get base from 5 boxes. Nothing to offend you just an idea. Please let me know what you think. I would be interested in a few spots if you did change it. Otherwise $40 is to steep for me to risk getting 3 base slots. Good luck either way. Then you would also only need 78 people instead of 90. Thanks for your time.
Here's the thing, The product is expensive, and so I wanted to lower the price as much as possible for everyone who wants in, the base and inserts slots include several cards per box that are serial numbered and might have high value for some.
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