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Default Bowman Draft Picks and Stars (BAD!)

This was a very disappointing box, with the only nice thing being a Durant Rookie. I guess this is one of those hit or miss things. Uuuuugh! I must have spent all my luck on the Ultra box.

All I can say is...Thank god the store gave me a free bulk pack of card sleeves and some Stadium Club cards. :)

Greg Oden Rookie /2999
Michael Conley Rookie / 2999
Nick Fazekas Rookie /2999

Jameson Curry Chrome Rookie /2999
Sean Williams Chrome Rookie /2999
Jermareo Davidson Chrome Rookie /2999
Jared Jordan Chrome Rookie /2999
Arron Afflalo Chrome Rookie /2999

Kevin Durant Black Parallel Chrome Rookie /199 (THANK GOD! :D)

Stephon "Whiny Ass" Marbury Bronze Parallel /399
Jamal Crawford Silver Parallel /199
(Is this a Knicks box?! What's the deal?! :D)

DJ Strawberry Signed Chrome Rookie /599

Al Thornton Bowman Relics
Deron Williams Bowman Dual Relics /199

Anyone interested? (Except for the Durant Rookie, of course!) PM me and let's talk. :)
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