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Default Alot of back out or never finished deals lately

I have done over 26 perfect deals with Board members.

In the last two weeks I have had three people on these boards make deals, promise payment or promise to send.

2 of them never sent anything and then took a week to respond to PM sent. I could see they were on-line but still did not respond.

I send same time if I have dealt with that person before, or if the other trader has perfect feeback. I in some cases still send the same time.

Luckily in these cases I sent nothing......

I hate naming names and will not. But I am getting tired of empty promises.

I dont mind people backing out.........With the way things are I understand.

But please contact me and let me know. In alot of cases several people may have been interested inthe same card .........and now I am not able to sell as easily because they bought elsewhere.

Please comunicate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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