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Originally Posted by mrwalken View Post
Yeah, something really has to be done about this. It makes the site look bad to have people regularly using the site's ad feature to post auto-accept ads they don't intend to honor. I don't think it was as big a deal when people did this with ads they posted here or on facebook. But COMC should not be letting sellers use their classifieds feature for false advertising.
Yeah exactly as you said, doing that stuff on the BO boards is one thing...but now this can mess with COMC's reputation.

COMC has to seriously look at this, and maybe it should be that ads should only be placed for people who are serious about COMC. Maybe only sellers who pay the $50 monthly fee can place an ad, or have been a seller for X amount of months etc. I know there is a fine line here, but it is similar to building up yourself on Ebay etc. Beessports should obviously be banned from ever doing an ad again, but more should be done...maybe a suspension from selling for weeks, whatever it is, as this is as someone said...similar to bad ebay buyers not coming through on purchases.
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