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Angry Big Problem With Board Memeber Lateralus Stay Clear Of This Guy

OK I'm really pissed looks like this kid is trying to beat me out of $75 already sent thru paypal and a Steve Slaton auto also mailed to him.

I know in the past another board member had a problem with this guy but against my better judgement i worked out a deal with him and looks like I'm gonna get burned.

Below is the email that i have sent to him, I have already placed a paypal dispute and I am definately contacting his job. I'm pretty sure that the USAF Academy does not want a thief working security for them.

I don't care how many positive itraders (9) he has it only takes one to go bad stay clear of this guy if even ever shows back-up on this forum. He hasn't signed on since 2/26/09. I have some choice word for this SC$MB#G but since I don't want to be suspended from the board I will keep them to myself. I am so "F"ing PISSED!!!

Hi Joe,

I am sending this email in regards to our recent transaction conducted on the Blowout Cards Forum. I have paid you for a 2008 Leaf Limited Matt Ryan autographed patch card and have still not received however you have my money and and my 2008 LCM Steve Slaton jersey/ball autograph card. I have attempted to contact you on several occassions but you have not replied back to me. I f i do not hear from you by tomorrow 3/3/09 I will be forced to file a paypal claim. I will also contact USAF Academy and speak with someone from the security department to get them involved with this matter. I have saved all private message correspondance we had concerning the transaction, I also have my paypal receipt and a copy of my delivery confirmation for the Steve Slaton. I am not happy at all with this transaction and require a response immediately.


Ronald J Lubischer Jr

I work security on the United States Air Force Academy so my schedule can get kinda hectic with 12 and 14 hour shifts 5-7 days a week. All trades and sales go out as soon as possible. Thanks for the patience guys!

Copy of PM dated 2/23/09: Sorry bro, my internet comes and goes and my apartment. Only time I can really get on and reply to things is at work. Ryan is gonna be going out today (tomorrow at the very latest). Here ya go.


These are the cards in dispute what a D*uche!!!

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