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Originally Posted by MADSPORTS View Post
How Does It Look On The Rookies. One Per Pack Or What? I Have A Case Coming Friday.
2-3 rookies per pack, Petersons fall about 1 per 2 boxes. Ripping this takes me back to the old days when I first started opening product. I did it to build sets. Pulling rookies and inserts were fun and if you hit a relic or auto it was a bonus. Product today has got out of hand. You read the Exquisite threads and there are some very nice cards and all anyone is concerned about is how much money the person that ripped it is going to lose. If you can't afford to lose out on the product then you are in the wrong hobby. Sorry, I was just reading the Exquisite breaks and I thought the product looked great, with some nice combo selections. Can't wait for the group breaks.

I keep thumbing through these packs and I will come across a Manning Ring of Honor insert and the anticipation builds as to wether or not it will be signed. Like I said, it reminds me of the old days when things were much simpler.
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