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Here are the cards which were pulled in order: (also 2 complete USA base sets)

Cody wheeler trip jsy
Cory hahn 8/99 patch auto
Cody buckel trip jsy auto usa
Ladson montgomry trip jsy
Blake forsythe trip jsy
Big sigs blake forsythe 72/75 silver
Matt newman inscrip auto ASU
Trevor bauer base auto
Cody buckel base auto
Blake forsythe base auto

Matt newman trip jsy
Bryce brentz 61/99 patch auto
Cortney hawkins trip jsy auto
Kevin gausman trip jsy
Austin cousino trip jsy
Nick pepitone big sigs 62/75 silver
Blake forsythe inscrip auto believe
Kevin gausman base auto
Brian ragira base auto
Sonny gray base auto
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