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Originally Posted by ronlabo View Post
thanks for ur input but what is "weak" is taking my card and my money and not getting any response in over 10 days that's what is "weak"...karma??? what is karma...i also have a hectic schedule i work 10 hour days and drive from central jersey to philadelphia everyday (1 1/2 hours each way) i held up to my end of the deal...sure i may get my money back from paypal but what about my card all i want from this guy is a response he logged on 2/26/09 and i had sent him at least 5 pm's prior to that so i am sure he saw if contacting his employer is weak...i guess i'm gonna be weak

ps...if you read his pm to me he says he will mail the card on 2/23-2/24 the latest how is it arriving pony express?
I will have to agree that contacting an employer is way over the top. If you are looking to take it to the next level your options are his local police and your Postmaster. If he has an Ebay account you should be able to get his phone number. Good luck getting your end of the deal, from the responses it appears you will at some point.

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