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Hey, just got a quick minute to log on here at work. I saw your post. Im beyond sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I just got in and had a chance to check my work email (aka paypal address) and saw your email to me. My only real online access is here at work and our computer had been down a few days due to updates to our security software (C*Cure). Your Matt Ryan did go out yesterday (dropped off at the local postal annex after work) and I included IMO more than adequate bonuses to attempt to make up for the delay. At my job there are 4 off us required for working this post during a 24 hour a day work week. One of them went down with a broken shoulder so he has been gone a few weeks now. That means me and another guard are making up his shifts so I have been on 7 day weeks with 5 8 hour shifts and 2 12 hour shifts (overnights).

Once again, I do apologize to you, and itchy (who bought a Jags triple patch from me). He also had bonuses included in his package. I just wanted to pop in and give this update to let everyone know that I have no intentions whatsoever of taking advantage of anyone on her. I have come through on all sales/trades and will continue to do so. My participation on this board will be limited though until our guy come back or we get a replacement.

Also, to answer a few peoples comments, yes I work for a company that is contracted, other than that I dont currently have any Military affiliation.
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