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Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
Hey, just got a quick minute to log on here at work. I saw your post. Im beyond sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I just got in and had a chance to check my work email (aka paypal address) and saw your email to me. My only real online access is here at work and our computer had been down a few days due to updates to our security software (C*Cure). Your Matt Ryan did go out yesterday (dropped off at the local postal annex after work) and I included IMO more than adequate bonuses to attempt to make up for the delay. At my job there are 4 off us required for working this post during a 24 hour a day work week. One of them went down with a broken shoulder so he has been gone a few weeks now. That means me and another guard are making up his shifts so I have been on 7 day weeks with 5 8 hour shifts and 2 12 hour shifts (overnights).

Once again, I do apologize to you, and itchy (who bought a Jags triple patch from me). He also had bonuses included in his package. I just wanted to pop in and give this update to let everyone know that I have no intentions whatsoever of taking advantage of anyone on her. I have come through on all sales/trades and will continue to do so. My participation on this board will be limited though until our guy come back or we get a replacement.

Also, to answer a few peoples comments, yes I work for a company that is contracted, other than that I dont currently have any Military affiliation.
ok i eat my words...and i will apologize...that's all i was looking for was a simple response INTEGRITY is a big thing with me...i know there are other former US MARINES on this board i'm sure they as well as others know what i'm talking about...thanks for the response and looking forward to getting the card...once the card is received i have no problem whatsoever if a MOD wants to go ahead and remove this whole thread! i'd be cool with that
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