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Originally Posted by ajlaxmn View Post
Clearly all the heroes that think people are whining about someone else winning read completely through what is being said. We don't care who wins, too be honest, I really could care less if I win at all, I'd be more happy just guessing right than winning boxes. The fact is it is apparent that their are accounts that could very well be another user wanting to enter twice, and that's what people don't want. All you hear on the news and read in the papers is so and so scammed this and so and so scammed that, people just want to enjoy a fun contest in the hobby they enjoy without people trying to cheat/scam their way into free boxes. That's all, no more no less.
Exactly. Whoever keeps posting with low post counts a story about why they shouldn't get disqualified is missing the point completely.

If someone makes MULTIPLE accounts, they shouldn't be allowed to win. That's what some of the others are saying.
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