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Originally Posted by shillen View Post
This is a little bit ridiculous....Blowout Cards is BIGGER than just a forum........its a large corporation and very popular online and throughout the endless varieties of collecting communities. Just because you only have a certain number of posts dont mean squat. Obviously, it would not take rocket science to figure out if somone was pulling a scam or not abiding by the contest rules. Heres an example of my point. Lets say Coca-Cola was giving away free soda for life, you better believe that someone who has only had one sip of Coke in their whole life is going to be signing up for that promo. The point is not to give someone who has a million kidney stones and diabetes from Coke the grand prize, but to get more people to drink their product, the grand prize is just the carrot hanging in front of the horse. People are going to want to win ALL of those boxes, and while they are here maybe they will check out the main store and buy a box or two, or maybe some supplies; who knows!?! But thats the point. Everyone you are dogging on here are potentionally new customers for BO. Your negative posts may only serve as a deterent to people who actually are enjoying the contest for what it is. They read your crap, and decide they dont want to be a part of this forum. But maybe that is your angle here, get rid of the people that dont conform to your standards; another BO bully thinking their feces dont stink cause they have 46 million posts and they have kissed the most (!) while they have been on here. This is one of the reasons my post count is so low, every thread that I have perused througout this forum has some kind of arguing, complaining, and whining in them. No matter how long you have been on here OR how many posts you have OR how many boxes you or your mommy bought you, IT STILL does not improve your chances of winning, and you are certainly not more deserving because of those things. WE ALL have the same RIGHT to be on here and take our chances. Perhaps you can ask Blowout to give you an "Atta Boy" for being the most active typers!! Theres my 2-cents......take it or leave it!! Tired of biting my tongue on this issue!!
Everyone who cares about the hobby at all deserves the same chance as anyone else. It would be nice to see a friend win, but it would also be nice to see anyone win. Good luck to you.
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