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Originally Posted by pakman916 View Post
Thanks for bringing that up. I forgot to clarify.

On average, there are 2 per case. That's what I've encountered in my 3 cases so far. If we hit less than 2 per case, unfortunately that draft slot will not receive a card. If we hit more than 2, the extra cards will be randomed across the 32 slots. The same goes for the 60th Anniversary redemption. General rule of thumb, any extra cards will be randomed at the end.

Because I hate it when people walk away with nothing, if we are shorted USA autos, I will contribute from my personal stash. I have 6 USA autos from my 3 cases. Off camera, I will number them 1 through 6. Then I will ask the member(s) that picked the USA draft slot to pick number from 1-6. Whichever number they pick will be the card I send them. Sound fair?

I'd like to draft tonight, but I'm not sure if we can get a MOD to random in time. I sent them a we're just waiting. If we get it before 8, we can start drafting.

your the man!!!.....also very happy to be part of your club
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