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Originally Posted by 9erFan View Post
Once again............. do people read anymore or just start rattling off a "defensive" remark. I have a position on this issue, "cheaters never win" (in the long run). Let Karma catch up to people who try to cheat. Quit judging what other people are doing or posting and worry about yourself.

BUT...... if your going to use the Blog to sound off, atleast read 25% of the previous posts before chiming in. Its very annoying, and the perception is that maybe your guilty. Just sayin.
I see that my rant has reached its' target audience.

I have did read over 25% of this thread, and I know the saying that 'only the guilty speak'. So to ensure that there are no ill perceptions of my intentions, I will send you a couple of boxes personally if I do win as an act of good faith.

Obviously, my post was a little heated, but understandably so for me. I felt a need to say what I felt and did so. Naturally, someone else is going to take offense to what I said....ALL arguments have two sides. I am not going to convince you of my feelings, and, likewise, you will not convince me of yours. That said, I am done.
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