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Originally Posted by Tonic3 View Post
I just opened my 10 box case of 06 Topps DP&P last night and got a total of 20 hits. I got: 10 upperclassmen jerseys, 6 Senior Standouts jerseys, and 4 Class Marks Autos (including a Devin Hester). Also got numbered refractors: 8 numbered out of 499, 5 numbered out of 299, 2 numbered out of 199, 2 numbered out of 99, and 1 numbered out of 25 (Tamba Hali, plays for the Chiefs).

So I would say the average of 2 hits per box is accurate plus a couple numbered cards.
Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had a pretty nice case. That seals the deal...I'll be ordering a case. Another BO member and I are going to split it....should be fun.
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