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Originally Posted by iluvfish2 View Post
Since I ran the numbers in my spreadsheet, here are the numbers and below you'll see what the case expectations are

Case = 12 boxes
Box = 24 packs
11 cards per pack (9 cards if you hit a relic)

Pack Odds:
Copper Parallel 1:9
Platinum Parallel 1:20000
Own the Game 1:9
Ring of Honor 1:36
Hall of Fame 1:12
RB Royality 1:12
Brett Favre Collection 1:6
2007 Signature Series Auto 1:85000
Hall of Fame Auto 1:40000
Brett Favre Collection Auto 1:40000
RB Royalty Single Auto 1:17000
RB Royalty Dual Auto 1:40000
Generation Now Auto 1:120000
Topps Performance Highlights Autos: A 1:40000; B 1:20000; C 1:5500; D 1:5500; E 1:5500; F 1:2500
Super Bowl MVP Game Ball Auto Relic 1:300000
All-Pro Relic 1:410
All Pro Patch Relic 1:4200
All Pro In the Name relic 1:100000
Game Breakers Relic 1:30000
State Breakers Relic 1:135000
League Leaders Relic Group A 1:5700; B 1:1525
Topps Performance Highlights Relic Group A 1:12000; B 1:1800
Super Bowl MVP Game Ball Relic 1:300000

Topps Performance Highlights Autographs:
Group A: Brady, Tomlinson, Young, Bush, Russell, C. Johnson, AP, Quinn, Brees
Group B: S. Jackson, Leinart, L. Johnson, C. Johnson, Parker, Merriman, Lynch, Gore
Group C: T. Smith, Ginn, Meachem, Rice, Jarrett, Bowe, stanton, Irons
Group D: Kolb, Bush, Hunt, S. Smith
Group E: Edwards, B. Jackson
Group F: Pittman, Leonard, J. Palmer, Tate, Stanback, Getsy, Palko, Young, Hairston, Nanne, Robinson, Zabransky

Rookie Premier Autos:
Group A: Russell, C. Johnson, Ginn, Lynch, Bowe, Meachem, Figures, Olsen, Gonzales, Kolb, Beck, Stanton, Rice, Jarrett, Irons, Henry, S. Smith, Leonard, B. Jackson, Booker, Hill, Williams, Hunt, Edwards, Wolfe, Hinngins, Thomas, Adams Willis, T. Smith , Bush, Pittman
Group B: Peterson, Quinn

All Pro In the Name Relics:
Group A: Gore, Romo
Group B: Wayne, Gates, Brees, S. Smith, Jones
Group C: Palmer, Taylor, Bailey, Hester, Barber
Group D: P. Manning, Peppers, L. Johnson
Group E: Harrison , Saturday, Merriman, Polamalu, T. Gonzales

League Leader Relics:
Group A: Tomlison, Tomlinson, L. Johnson, L. Johnson, P. Manning, P. Manning
Group B: A. Johnson, C.. Palmer, C. Johnson, Bailey, Brees, Harrision, Merriman, Owens

Topps Highlight Relics:
Group A: Tomllinson, L. Johnson, P. Manning
Group B: C. Johnson, Harrison, Leinart, R. Bush, S. Jackson, Brady, Young

Case Expectations:

32.0 Copper (/2007)
0.0 Platinum (/1)
32.0 Own the Game
8.0 Ring of Honor
24.0 Hall of Fame
24.0 RB Royality
48.0 BF Collection
0.0 Sig. Series Auto
0.0 HOF Auto
0.0 BF Collection Auto
0.0 RB Royality Single Auto
0.0 RB Royality Dual Auto
0.0 Gen. Now Auto
Topps Performance Highlights Autos
0.0 Group A
0.0 Group B
0.1 Group C
0.1 Group D
0.1 Group E
0.1 Group F
0.0 Super Bowl MVP Game Ball Auto Relic
0.7 All-Pro Relic
0.1 All Pro Patch Relic
0.0 All Pro In the Name relic
0.0 Game Breakers Relic
0.0 Stat Breakers Relic
0.1 League Leaders Relic Group A
0.2 League Leaders Relic Group B
0.0 Topps Performance Highlights Relic Group A
0.2 Topps Performance Highlights Relic Group B
0.0 Super Bowl MVP Game Ball Relic
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