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06 DP & P Pack Odds (I will add the groups tomorrow I have to dig out the boxes again)

Black Refractor Parallel 1:4
Bronze Border Chrome Parallel Seq Numbered 1:31
Bronze Border Refractor Parallel Seq Numbered 1:52
Silver Border Chrome Parallel Seq Numbered 1:78
Silver Border Refractor Parallel Seq Numbered 1:156
Gold Border Chrome Parallel Seq Numbered 1:617
Gold Border Refractor Parallel Seq Numbered 1:15,500
Senior Standouts Relic
Group A 1:251
Group B 1:212
Group C 1:797
Group D 1:309
Group E 1:77
Group F 1:460
Group G 1:149
Group H 1:415

Senior Standouts Silver Seq Numbered 1:1,041
Senior Standouts Gold Seq Numbered 1:5,250
Senior Standouts Holographic Seq Numbered 1:74,250

Upper Classman Relic
Group A 1:3,416
Group B 1:2,694
Group C 1:1,160
Group D 1:170
Group E 1:270
Group F 1:607
Group G 1:850
Group H 1:797
Group I 1:1,459
Group J 1:1,380
Group K 1:207
Group L 1:376
Group M 1:128

Upper Classman Foil Seq Numbered 1:1,025

Base Auto Seq Numbered 1:1,282
Base Dual Auto Seq Numbered 1:126,750

Class Marks Auto
Group A 1:4,270
Group B 1:1,856
Group C 1:392
Group D 1:1,276
Group E 1:290
Group F 1:248

Class Marks Silver Auto Seq Numbered 1:1,187
Class Marks Gold Auto Seq Numbered 1:5,961
Class Marks Holographic Auto Seq Numbered 1:60,206

First and Ten Single Auto Seq Numbered 1:4,667
First and Ten Dual Auto Seq Numbered 1:33,000
First and Ten Dual Gold Auto Seq Numbered 1:124,000

Senior Standout Silver Auto Relic Seq Numbered 1:5,135
Senior Standout Gold Auto Relic Seq Numbered 1:26,758
Senior Standout Holographic Auto Relic Seq Numbered 1:124,000
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