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My name is Matt and I use the nickname "indiana9495" (the years that I graduated from Indiana University). I have been collecting cards since 1978, the year that my dad bought me a pack of football cards. I collected mainly football growing up. I fell out of the hobby in the late 1980s and just recently got back into it a few years ago.

Of the newer items, I tend to stick to a few products each year and I prefer the "older" looking products like Heritage, Turkey Red, and Ginter. I also am a collector of older sets. I am especially pround of a set of 1934 Goudey that I put together, all PSA graded. It is not the highest graded set, but it is complete. A discussion on card grading is for another thread, but I do believe in it whole-heartily and most of my vintage cards and newer ones that are worth high $$ amounts have been graded.

I read the board to get a feel for what are the hot sets and the messages have steered me in the right direction more often than not (I stayed away from Ginter this year! )
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