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Originally Posted by Brad View Post
This fad still hasn't gone away Seems like the quick sale threads are nothing but ways to get around the bump rule...
If there are replies in the thread there is nothing wrong with the OP replying back. It's simple two way communication that is perfectly permissible and frankly it's what we all hope happens in our BST threads regardless if the word 'quick' is in the title

Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
If they post a card no one wants they add another and leave up the unwanted card but drop the price to move it.
This is the best way to do it

Originally Posted by fungi2510 View Post
Unless they are done by pet members of the forum. They can do whatever they want.
It depends on whether or not the illegal bump is reported. The mods here are nt actively searching for illegal bumps. That would be stupid and time consuming.

Originally Posted by Dacubs View Post
as long as they are replying to a post, I don't think it violates the bumping rule

Originally Posted by Zacky1053 View Post
The best quick sales gain a ton of interest as proven by the number of replies.
Couldn't agree more. Takes two [or more] to tango. If folks didn't like them then they would either poop in the threads or just leave them alone, and I haven't seen anyone poop in the threads
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