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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
You are essentially trying to beat the odds of a lottery with an edge. Thats known as cheating.

When you go into a casino and count cards you get thrown out.
When you buy stocks of a company knowing full well they are about to make big news because someone inside told you, you get thrown in jail for insider trading.

When you knowingly try and cheat, take short cuts and essentially trying to beat the odds on a chance/lottery/oppurtunity that is out there to be fair chance for all, you are cheating. Thats the factual side.

Here is the moral side..

How would feel if someone sold you a limp case full of boxes that had absolutely no chance of hitting anything? IM pretty sure you wouldnt buy it. This is why they keep it all chance/lottery with no fixed way of figuring it out.
Originally Posted by Sly View Post
He never said it was illegal, but it is frowned upon and it WILL get you kicked out of a casino for trying to beat the system and better your odds.Just like trying to "search" or "cherry-pick" from a case of cards. Not illegal, but frowned upon within the hobby and will get you blasted for trying to beat the system to better your odds.
he said cheating, and counting cards isn't cheating. also, in Atlantic City, casinos are not allowed to throw you out for suspected card counting..... only if they catch you using a counting device or another person to gain the advantage. (Uston v. Resorts International Hotel Inc., 445 A.2d 370 N.J. 1982)
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