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Originally Posted by gotmonte View Post
Ok last point I want to bring up and then we can just drop it.

Do you think the people who buy the Lottery novels/books that give key clues as to what the numbers keep coming out like? Take for instance the number 4. The number 4 has come up historically wedensday, friday for 5 weeks now. So they tell you you have a better probability at picking the number 4 on those days. The books get VERY detailed. Its the same principle in that you are trying to figure out the system to better your chances at winning. Now, if I was selling boxes off or cases, than I can see the uproar over me trying to "find the gems" and then sell off the crap and make it seem like I didnt find the "gems" yet. That would be a jerk thing to do.

Now for the comments about "The other people who buy boxes from the same case its not fair to them". Well actually here is my thought on that. Is it fair that some people figure out the lottery system (and yes there are people who buy those books and study and study to figure out the recurring numebrs) while you just drop a dollar and pick "quick pick"? Maybe not in your eyes. But in my eyes its called due diligance. You have to be as educated as you can be in any hobby/collecting/sport that you can be. Me asking if there was a recurring box position (just like a recurring number in the lottery picks) is not a crime, is not unfair either. If the next man who is offered to pick which ever box he wants he can do the same thing as I did. Pick based on laws of average and probabilites. I am not weighing the boxes, pack feeling, and not metal detecting. If you do that than it is an unfair advantage cause you know what boxes are good. I was just asking if anyone knew a different way to better my odds without doing that.

If you dont like me asking these questions, thats your perogative. But I expect you to scream at the old lady and old man who buy the lottery number books and study that for months to figure out their best chance at the lottery and screwing you out of a share of the lottery.

Just sayin'
That is just a poor analogy if you can even consider that an analogy...!! Lottery is random... Card packing (in boxes or in case might not)... We all know that with Topps (like Chrome football) the one pack with the auto in the boxes are usually in the same place for the entire case. And that is why all my LCS's mix up the packs with in a box and boxes within a case to avoid people like you from "searching".

You are right in one thing, there is no point to discuss this any longer... you believe what you are doing is morally correct... but Karma is a B--ch...
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