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yea, his "analogy" was awful. in a lottery, two people can pick the same numbers whether or not they have done "due diligance"...if this guy always gets first pick in a fresh case and he knew where to find the best box then he would take it every time and the people after him would be stuck with worse boxes. he says that the next person after him can pick a box based on "laws of averages and probabilities" but that wont work when this guy has already picked the best box. anyway, i guess he just doesnt understand that the spirit of the hobby is about the randomness (whether you are buying loose packs, individual boxes or even choosing one full case over another). people may choose certain ones because of superstition...or they just leave it up to complete randomness. which is how it should be. packsearchers dont leave it up to randomness, they shift the odds in their favor...which is why people hate them for it. this guy is trying to do the same thing with boxes out of a case (instead of packs out of a box)...he is trying to shift the odds in his favor by "figuring out" which box is the best to buy. he needs to just stick to picking randomly and be happy when he hits something good and just accept it when he doesnt.
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