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Originally Posted by gr8azn View Post
Gotmonte is not a great person to deal with on this board. He obviously is showing his colors in this post. He hada Guy Lafleur Parkhurst auto for sale in which I made an offer that he accepted. I hadn't looked yet and I within an hour he backs out saying I didn't respond and that he's gonna list it on ebay. It was obvious he found out the card was worth more than he thought and backed out. I'm done dealing with him and i'm not surprised he's been suspended.
Agreed! I made an offer on a base Ackley from Tier One (a very fair one, that included the acronym PWE, and a clause I offered that said I wouldn't ask for a refund if the card got mangled by the USPS), he accepted, then progressed to ask me where I lived (fine, in most cases). I told him my ship-to would come up when I paid. That wasn't enough, apparently, he asked again. I told him to forget about it, cause he clearly couldn't see that my profile says "Central Valley, CA."

Moral of the story, put him on ignore and move on with your daily life.
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