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Originally Posted by gotmonte View Post
In the "Meet And Greet" forum I made a sincere appology to the Blowoutcards members and staff about this issue and others. If you dont feel like searching for it, thats ok. I copied it for you

Here is what I wrote:

Hi guys. I wanted to come onto and give a sincere appology to the rest of you guys. Let me explain..

I am new the card and memorabilia collecting. I started collecting around april of last year. Through this time I have spent so much money I dont even know which way to turn (who hasnt really?!). I recently became a board member and I think I brushed some people wrongly. Thats not my nature at all.

I am a sincere person. I try my best to help everyone out no matter if you bit my hand previously. I recently made a thread asking if there was a certain spot a company would put the "good" box in a case. I explained the reason I was asking was because a local shop near my house always opens cases and tells me to take whichever box I wanted (I am paying for the box of course) and I just wanted to better my chances at picking the better of the lot. I did not realize this would be "cheating" and looked down upon. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the concept that people thought I was trying to defraud someone. I am the furthest thing from that. So I spiritedly tried to defend myself but as the night went on and I slept on it some more, I came to the realization what others were trying to explain to me. It IS cheating even if i am not reselling the box or a case. I dont sell boxes or cases and never will but thats not the point. It would be taking away from the next guy and THATS what I wasnt realizing. I do now though. I appologize for anyone I argued with. Sincerely.

I would also like to bring up another issue I came across and want to appologize about. I had a PM conversation with someone about a card I was selling. I am new to this so I really dont know what things are worth or whatnot. Anyways, the person offers me a price on a card I was considering selling. At first it seemed like a decent price. I PM'ed him/her and said depending on your location for shipping purposes I would except that deal. Within an hour or less I had not received a message back and I went on to ebay to find out the card sold for much more than the person had offered me. Since they did not respond to me yet and TECHNICALLY I didnt agree cause I wasnt sure about the shipping issue, I immediately sent a message to the person and said I was going to put the card on ebay and if they wanted to, they were more than able to bid on the item. A little while past and they responded to me quite bluntly and upset. They said I was reneg'ing on the deal. I tried to explain to them that technically I did not except the deal cause I wasnt sure if i was shipping the card to United States or it could have been to Australia for all I knew. I also tried to point out that they did not respond and I went another direction. Well, needless to say the person was not happy with me at all. I felt that I was within my right to go the opposite direction because I said I would except the deal depending on the shipping location. An hour passed and no answer and I immediately PM'ed back and told them I was going another direction.
Well, I would like to appologize to THAT individual as well. They seemed very upset and I didnt come on this site to anger anyone. Thats not my intention and it will never BE my attention. So as a olive branch to the crew, from my family to yours, I appologize for the recent actions and I look forward to learning from you and your staff about this great hobby and I cant wait to share my cards with you and see your cards as well.

I am sincere in my appologies and will prove it to you in my posts from here on out.


I would be the first one to welcome you back... I am glad you see our point, we are not the cardboard police, but we do our best to educate everyone that come to this board (myself included)... no need to be sorry, just keep an open mind, and just know that when the majority of people doesn't see it your way...chances are that you were wrong... (unless you are the next messiah j/k)...

I hope you the best of luck picking your boxes...
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