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1.5mm and 2.75mm toploaders in stock now! (aka 59pt and 108pt)
Also, 3.5mm toploads have been restocked. (138pt)

Slowly, but surely, we're adding to our selection. Keep posting here if there is something you would like to see us carry. (we have to place big orders to get good pricing, so we may not have it right away, but we'll try to include it in our next order if we get enough requests and see demand for it) Currently we are carrying BCW and Pro-Mold.

ps. free shipping is now set for $99+ (lowered from $150), I just haven't had time to make a new graphic. So if your order is close to that threshold, just throw in some supplies to get you over! (Any graphic design guys out there interested in trading work for wax, pm me with a link to some of your work and pricing in wax, and we'll see if we can work something out...must have better graphic skills than me )

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