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Originally Posted by xbignick View Post
My first year trying this out...posted this since I'm confused on twitter:

" Metsmatician xBigNick
@blowoutcards Oh, and since deals will be posted throughout day, do we pay different shipping on every one?

@blowoutcards Also,everyone keeps mentioning to just refresh "the page"- will all deals be posted on the front page instead of each section?

@blowoutcards Where can I find out more about the black friday deals (and weekend deals)and sneak peaks?Will you be posting them on twitter?
1. yes you pay seperate shipping on each order you place throughout the day.
2. no, "the page" is referring to twitter, most likely. BO posts links to each deal on twitter when they go live, and so u have to refresh their twitter page often to catch a new deal as it is posted.
3. this thread is supposed to be where they'll give sneak peaks, so stay tuned i guess
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