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Default 2 boxes of 11/12 Parkhurst Champions - WOW!

Hit opening night of Sun-Times show in Chicago tonight. We just broke half a case of new Upper Deck, so was looking for something different and decided on two boxes of Parkhurst Champions. Got them for $69 a box, which sounded good with at least one hard auto per box. The highlights:

Box 1:
- B/W Mario Lemieux renditions (1 in 32 packs, according to box)
- Rick MacLeish base auto (1 per box)
and then ... Gordie Howe/Ted Lindsay wire photo dual auto! (1 in 3,000 packs).

Box 2:
- Doug Wilson base auto (Blackhawks fans, so it's a keeper)
and then ... Johnny Bower Champ's mini red auto #14/15 (1 in 1,300 packs).

Found one Howe/Lindsay sell for $375. Haven't found any Bowers yet. Most likely both will be for sale soon.

Nice product with the hard autos. Probably won't buy again because how could this pair of hits be topped?
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