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Originally Posted by mnvikingstwins View Post
He should be in line for an even bigger push next year.

Who are everyone's predictions for longest US, IC, WWE, WHC, and Tag champs for the 2012 year? Probably wrong on all of them, but:

US- Mason Ryan

IC- Zack Ryder

WWE- Dolph Ziggler

WHC- Cody Rhodes

Tag- Orton/DiBiase
I have a horrible feeling John Cena will continue with his current "Super Cena" character and will hold the wwe title for almost all of 2012. If he doesn't, here are my predictions:

Wwe: CM Punk

US: zack Ryder.

IC: Sin Cara (it could happen )

WHC: Wade Barrett

I'm actually pretty confident on most of those, although Dolph could get a huge push next year if he ditches Vickie. I'm praying Cena turns heel this weekend (now is THE BEST time EVER for him to do it) in which case I would have no problem with him as wwe champ all year.
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