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Originally Posted by tolrobb View Post
2 years ago was awesome, last year, big let down. hope this is the bounce back year.
DITTO! Not saying last year was bad. The fact that blowout does this at all is awesome. I just recall 2 years ago was a 20/10 (on a scale of 1-10). Last year was more like a 7/10. I recall one example in particular... a 2007 absolute memorabilia football box I bought in 2009 BF for $75 was $90 in 2010 BF (I know some boxes increase in price after a year, but there were lots like this). The price is still better than the $100+ price tag you normally see but it was a "let down" of the 2009 craziness. I felt that last years BF prices could be found from blowout on a random weekly special instead of a twitter page link while refreshing every 5 seconds at 5AM.

The biggest problem was everything was harry potter/indiana jones/star wars/barney or some other non-sport product. I do remember the ebay deals were awesome.... but I think I only got one or two. If I show up this year I am afraid I will pick up cases of indiana jones cards just to spend money!!! The setup for picking up the deals is not impossible. The problem is people spend time looking to see if it is a good deal before pulling the trigger. Good luck to all this year. Hoping for the best.

See you there!

P.S. Thanks for putting this on again this year BO. You guys rock!
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