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Originally Posted by WilsonValdez View Post
Just curious, why you keep giving this bag of douche views? We all know that when the almighty Houdini tells us to watch a video, us sheeple do what he says!
Here are my reasons:

1. The information is of interest to the people in the 3 spots that I posted it (bdpp thread and both breaks).

2. He shows a relic which I personally found interesting - because I was very interested in if there would be any other than the ultra rare hobby only versions.

These 2 reasons outweigh (in my mind anyway) the 100 or so views I am sending his way.
  • He has not been approved for monetization and therefore makes no money via ads based on these views.
  • He is going to have many views anyway - simply based on the subject matter - BDPP, pack searching, hotpacks
  • I do not think anyone I redirect to the video will join his site, but if they do then hopefully they learn a valuable lesson and successfully make a charge-back.
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