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i had reservations about buying the PPV before, and while it wasn't completely horrible, and had some nice moments. It was, aside from maybe Punk winning, predictable as always

its bad for WWE, when The Rock can come in and look pretty much better than anyone they have on their entire roster

Del Rio as champion couldnt' have been more boring, he is BORING, plain and simple, putting the title back on Punk was smart. DelRio is an ok worker, but completely vanilla, horrible on the mike, he is playing a character we have seen a million times. The cocky rich guy. WOWOWOOWOWOW

the 5 on 5 traditional match arguably should have went last. IMO. I don't think it would have had any problem following the rock. or ATLEAST 2nd to last match

also bad for business, was the fact that aside from The Rock, the best "pop" of the night was when Zach Ryder came out and did his finisher on Ziggler just 20 min into the PPV
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