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Originally Posted by sesmarine04 View Post
I'm definitely counting on WM because I already have tickets. I don't care about the rock/cena match. I want to see 20-0. Did anyone see where he shaved his head?
I can't see him not showing up for wrestlemania being that it would be win number 20, but there still is a serious possibility he won't be there. The reason he didn't come back tonight I believe is because there is nowhere to put him in. Normally he'd come back and feud with a veteran he's fought with in the past (edge, Kane) but there was no chance to put him in, other than MAYBE with mark henry, but I still see him continuing to feud with big show.

He could also still be injured, but I can't see the undertaker taking this much time off unless he's either retiring or it's a gimmick. It'll probably end up being the latter over the former.
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