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Pretty cool, it was for .53 cents, lol, but still! Has anyone had one (s) yet? BTW, you will be able to tell in your offer history with the user Amazon showing. It must have been listed for sale at .69, and the 20% offer happened automatically...just as Tim mentioned. Lots of potential with this, very excited.
I just looked after I read your post and I had three amazon sales overnight. I was wondering why I had sales with odd prices ($4.79, $1.29, $3.60). I'm testing out the amazon thing, but I don't know if I'll stick with it. Two of those cards I would have happily sold for 20% off if someone had offered on COMC, but the other was probably a little lower than I would have gone. I just don't want to price everything I have 20% higher to compensate for potential amazon sales because it could have negative effects on COMC sales.
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