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Originally Posted by natbornkiller View Post
theres a guy that cant wrestle anymore......................punch kick punch tombstone match
Yeah, that's all he does. Let me tell you, no chokeslam, no last ride, no hell's gate, no old school, no diving clothesline, no dive to the outside. Just punch, kick, punch, tombstone, match. I swear it's posts like that which make all wrestling fans look bad. "Let me say some ignorant s--t and try to sound smart." It's the same case with "CENA CAN'T WRASSLE". Uh, yeah he can.

Originally Posted by mnvikingstwins View Post
Kevin Nash advertised for tonight, already Punk/ADR and Nash/HHH advertised for TLC. Henry/Show Chairs is probably a lock, Punk/ADR TLC, Orton/Barrett/Sheamus/Rhodes some combination in Tables, Ziggler/Ryder ladders?
I think we'll get Ziggler/Ryder, maybe not as a ladder match though. I could see Orton/Barrett/Sheamus/Rhodes in a ladder match to see who gets the title shot at the Rumble.
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